Happy Post-Christmas!

Christmas celebration has just ended but its euphoria is still overwhelming people who celebrate it perhaps until New Year comes. Christmas is actually a religious event, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. However, as time goes on, the religious importance of the celebration evades slowly. True, Christian people will still be going to church to celebrate this event. However, it no longer has a religious essence in a whole. This is a Post-Christmas.

The term of Post-Christmas can be more or less correlated with post-modernism regarding the disappearance of unity on how we view something. In essence, Christmas means a joyful condition covered in modesty. As Jesus was birth in a homeless condition in a stable, it clearly depicts how joyful condition is not limited to the presence of worldly things.

However, the situation is absolutely different right now. In some countries, Christmas is usually followed by Boxing Day just one day after Christmas: December 26th. In this day, there will be many people going outside their home at nearly 5 or 6 in the morning or even from the midnight just for queuing in a shopping center. People will pack across a city center to go shopping because most of the shopping centers offer “Sale” on their products. People can then buy their desired stuffs even at very low cost compared to normal price.

Even in a country where Boxing Day is not officially celebrated, people will also get packed in shopping centers because similar offers do also exist. Take Indonesia as an example, a Muslim-majority country. Even though Christians are only minority in this country, the huge “Sale” offered by shopping centers resemble the euphoria of Boxing Day elsewhere though it is very rare to see people queuing from the early morning. But, same phenomenon is clearly happening.

On one hand this condition does absolutely make sense. Joyful atmosphere brought by Christmas is nowadays celebrated by wrapping up gifts that can be given to others or to ourselves. Sharing joy is then important in Christmas celebration. On the other hand, consumerism that takes place during the Christmas actually negates the Christmas itself. Its religious importance then disappears because Christians are then more interested with the shopping experience itself and neglects the fact that Jesus was born in homeless condition.

Thus, is there a right way to celebrate Christmas aside from going to the church regularly? I would not like to give an exact answer to this question but only a little reflection. In a condition where poverty, disease and many difficulties are still lingering a society, there will always a better way to expend the money rather than going shopping for ourselves. They are actually a reminder that people should act in accordance with justice so they can preserve it by trying to removing injustice lingering others. Just spending a little money for them, in my opinion, has contributed in bringing back the Christmas itself. Does it mean then Christians should be prevented from going shopping? In my opinion it is very hard to achieve this point. Furthermore, Post-Christmas is actually an undeniable fact in a globalized world. Thus, what should be prevented is to become greed and excessive because we should realize that there are many people outside living in dire circumstances who need our help. And perhaps, this can be a median for celebrating Christmas. Happy Post-Christmas!


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