Sadness and Freedom

Have you ever heard a story about sadness? Hurting and to be hurt?

Have you ever heard a story about losing someone? Leaving and to be left alone.

If I were to believe neuroscientists, who are very expert in explaining about atomic molecule inside my body and electric current inside my brain, I would never thought about the feeling of sadness and losing.

If I were to also believe utilitarianists, go to hell with them! Cost and benefit analysis will deliver me to avoid such feelings.

But now I am telling you a story about affectivity, the uniqueness endowed to every human being.

Sartre says I am cursed to be free.

For me, that is the true nature of human beings: to be free is to be responsible for all the realities. Sartre sees it as a curse. I may see it as my power to shape the world.

I then back to a story about sadness.

And I try to scrutinize the line with a story about freedom.

And I never find any kind of predestination.

I only find facticity produced by choices.

And I feel that I get trapped inside a horizon that blinds my consciousness.

If it were the opposite, I might not tell you a story about this sadness. It is not because of my disposition for not to be neither neuroscientists nor utilitarianists.

It is because I would tell you a story about “I” who is able to choose to be sad.



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